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Great Catch by Matthew Chan from MHS. Former Raven

COVID-19 - Latest Update and Impact to the League (updated 7/28/20)


Dear MSHYB Families,

As the world of COVID 19 constantly evolves, it is necessary to communicate how these ever changing guidelines affect the league. In late June Governor Murphy published a list of states for which a 14-day quarantine is recommended for travelers from those states to New Jersey before integrating into New Jersey society. This list is updated regularly. If you are traveling to these states during our summer season and return in anticipation of playing baseball, MSHYB requires you to adhere to the state's 14-day quarantine guideline before playing.

The states are (current as of July 28):




Puerto Rico




South Carolina











New Mexico

Delaware Louisiana North Carolina Virginia
Florida Maryland North Dakota Washington




Washington, DC
Idaho Mississippi Oklahoma Wisconsin



We are implementing this testing requirement to ensure the health and safety of our MSHYB families and community. This is largely upon the community to enforce, but if we all take a proactive approach we can do our part in curtailing the spread of the virus.

For our league this summer, we will not be using the dugouts at Gero. Please have your players hang their gear on the outside of the fence of your assigned field. Bags should be six feet apart and players must stay by their bag until their turn at bat or turn in the field. This will require a significant amount of parental supervision but it necessary to maintain the social distancing requirements.

Thank You,

Millburn Short Hills Youth Baseball


Summer League Youth League Registration is Now Closed

Please contact for any further inquiries.

Gero Batting Cages are Open!

With the recent Governor's Executive Order, we are happy to announce the opening of our batting pavilion on May 25, 2020. A reservation will be required to use the cages. Please bring proof of your reservation with you to avoid any issues at the park. Please use following link to to view availability, and be sure to review the rules for using the cages and instructions on requesting a reservation below.

Click here to see availability.  Request a reservation by emailing

Rules while using the cages:

  • Reservation Required: Please Visit for more info and updates
  • Social distancing of 6 feet at all times
  • Only one pitcher and one hitter in each cage
  • No bystanders allowed in batting pavilion - if you are waiting to use cage, form a line outside cage and maintain social distancing (6') and you should wear a face covering when in line
  • Face masks highly recommended at all times
  • Disinfecting at discretion of user
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer to use before and after using cages
  • Avoid touching gates, netting, L screens, etc.
  • Rear two cages are closed, only the front two cages are available (cage 1 - Left cage, and cage 2 - Right cage)
  • Cages are reserved for MSHYB and Millburn Softball players. A pitcher must be an adult
  • Only touch your own baseballs, equipment, etc. No sharing of equipment, baseballs, etc. with non family members

Instructions for requesting and confirming a reservation (see additional rules below):

Additional rules and guidance:

  • Mailbox will NOT respond to requests unless there is a conflict/issue
  • Please verify your booking on calendar
  • Please review available spots on calendar BEFORE sending in request
  • Reservations can be made up to 1 week in advance
  • Reservation Maximums
    • 3 total weekdays (of which only 1 can be from 5-8)
    • 1 total weekend
  • Rules on reservation maximums will be lifted if open slots remain 2 hours prior to the desired time slot (request and verification process must still be followed)
  • Not attending booked time without contacting mailbox may result in losing ability to book future sessions

Prior rules and guidance still in effect:

  • Open Daily 9am-8pm
  • 45 minute slots at top of every hour (Cage 1 - left cage, and Cage 2- right cage)
  • One slot per day per family
  • There is no need to arrive early in the batting cage area - we built in 15 minute transition windows between reservations (see above guidance in forming a line if you do arrive early)
  • View calendar pointed to by the link above for available slots which will be labeled as OPEN (not RESERVED)
  • E-mail your selected time slot and LAST NAME only (no Cage #) to
  • Spots will be allotted by time stamp of e-mail and assigned to either Cage 1 - Left Cage or Cage 2 - Right Cage
  • Once your spot has been recorded, the window in the availability calendar will show RESERVED with your last name assigned to one of the cages.  
  • Please note -- your reservation confirmation will be to click on link to the calendar, click in the reserved timeslot(s), and then on details to verify your name in the description field.  There will be no email confirmations sent.

Neither the town nor MSHYB will be responsible for disinfecting the cages. If you would like to bring a method of disinfecting the L screen or any other part of the pavilion, that is your responsibility. Again, only the two front larger cages will be available for use. Please make sure you collect all trash when leaving the facility.