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2023 MSHYB Coach's Registration



All individuals interested in coaching in MSHYB must go through an annual registration and certification process. Please read through these instructions carefully and follow the steps in order which will help to make the process as easy as possible. Please note that returning MSHYB coaches who first completed Babe Ruth League’s new safety program (Step 4 - authorizing a background check and Step 5 - taking the child abuse prevention training) in 2021 must repeat these steps this year, while coaches who first completed these steps in 2022 do not have to repeat them this year.  All steps must be completed by April 2, 2023.

Babe Ruth League has made an important change to the way it administers and tracks compliance with its safety program. This change is described is Step 4 below.



Step 1: Create a new NAYS membership or renew your existing NAYS membership. All new and returning coaches must have an active membership as a baseball coach with the National Alliance for Youth Sports Coach Training and Membership Program (NAYS), the country’s largest youth coach training and certification program. An active membership is one that expires after August 31, 2023. The cost of a NAYS initial membership or annual renewal is $20 and is payable online directly to NAYS by credit card.

  • Returning coaches (those who have been a NAYS member in the recent past for baseball or another sport) – please click here to log into your account and renew your membership. If you currently have a valid NAYS membership for baseball that expires after August 31, 2023, then you do not need to renew with NAYS at this time.  NOTE: if you have a valid NAYS membership for another sport but not for baseball, you must add baseball as a sport by logging into your NAYS account, clicking on “Add a Sport” and completing the baseball-specific training.
  • New coaches (those who have not been a NAYS member in the recent past or at all) – please click here to become a NAYS member. Your membership will not be active until you complete the NAYS basic and baseball-specific training sessions. When you are asked to choose a Chapter, please click on “Millburn Rec Dept. – 794.”

Step 2: Complete the mandatory concussion awareness training (all coaches). This training must be completed by all coaches annually online through NAYS. To be considered current for the 2023 season, you must have completed or retaken this training after August 31, 2022.

  • If you are taking this training for the first time, log into your NAYS account, click on “Additional Trainings,” choose “Concussion Awareness” and complete the training.
  • If you completed this training for the 2022 season, you must repeat it now. Under Membership Info, click on “Access Clinic/Training History,” then click “Re-certification” next to “Concussion Training” and retake the training.

Step 3: Register online as a coach with MSHYB (all coaches). Please click here to access the MSHYB coach’s registration page, where you will provide background information, review required documents and provide required authorizations. Once you have successfully completed this step, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from our system.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH THE SUBJECT “2023 COACH REGISTRATION RECEIPT,” YOU DID NOT REGISTER CORRECTLY. A successful registration does not mean that you have been certified as a coach by MSHYB. You must also have an active NAYS membership for baseball and complete the NAYS concussion training (Steps 1 and 2), create a Babe Ruth League safety membership (Step 4), authorize and pass a mandatory background check and complete the child abuse prevention training every two years (Steps 5 and 6) and attend an online certification session (Step 7).

Step 4: Create a Babe Ruth League safety membership (all coaches). Starting this season, Babe Ruth League requires all new and returning coaches to create a safety membership, which allows for better tracking of compliance with Babe Ruth League’s safety program. During the coach’s registration process, you will be provided a link to create this membership, which is linked to your SportsEngine account. (Even though this is a free membership, there will be a “payment” page – when you continue to it, the price will be zero.) Once you have successfully created the membership, your profile on the “MySportsEngine” page within your SportsEngine account will automatically populate with your background check status and child abuse prevention training status.

Step 5: Authorize Babe Ruth League to complete a background check (if required). Babe Ruth League requires all member leagues to use its safety partner, SportsEngine/NCSI, to perform background checks of coaches and other volunteers every two years. Background checks are authorized online directly with SportsEngine/NCSI. The cost of the background check is $25.50 and is payable online directly to SportsEngine/NCSI by credit card. Per Babe Ruth League guidelines, a background check is valid for two years.

After you create your Babe Ruth League safety membership, if your My SportsEngine profile indicates that the background screening is required or your previous screening is expiring soon, please click on the “Complete Screening” link to authorize the background check. In general, this will include coaches who have not previously coached in MSHYB and returning coaches who authorized a background check in 2021. If your background check will expire later in the 2023 season, you will receive a reminder to authorize the background check 60 days before expiration.

  • A background check may only be authorized for the owner of the SportsEngine account. Make sure you are logged in to your account.
  • After providing the required information, authorizations and acknowledgments, you will be asked to submit your payment.

Step 6: Complete the mandatory child abuse prevention training (if required). Babe Ruth League requires all coaches and other volunteers to complete this training through SportsEngine/Abuse Prevention Systems every two years. The cost of this training is covered as part of the background check fee above. Per Babe Ruth League guidelines, the child abuse prevention training is valid for two years.

If your My SportsEngine profile indicates that the Abuse Prevention Systems training is incomplete or expiring soon, please click on the “Complete Certification” link to complete the training and take a quiz. In general, this will include coaches who have not previously coached in MSHYB and returning coaches who completed the training in 2021. If your training will expire later in the 2023 season, you will receive a reminder to complete the training 60 days before expiration.

Step 7: Attend one of the mandatory online coach’s certification sessions via Zoom. Each coach must attend one of the two scheduled certification sessions, which will cover league structure, safety, schedules, practices, playing rules, etc. As was the case last year, we will hold the certification sessions online via Zoom rather than in person. The sessions are expected to last 60 minutes.

  • Session 1: Wednesday, March 22 at 7:30pm
  • Session 2: Thursday, March 30 at 7:30pm

For security reasons, you must pre-register to attend a session. Once you register with MSHYB as a coach (Step 3), you will be provided with a link to pre-register for one of the Zoom sessions, along with the Meeting ID and Passcode. Attendance will be recorded. Please do not share the Meeting ID and Passcode with others; unregistered participants will not receive credit for attending. If you are unsure which session you will attend, you may register for both, but you only need to attend one.

If you have any questions on the coach’s registration and certification process, please email us at