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    Level                    Away                   Home                   Time                     Field


    3rd                         Astros                  Padres                  8:30                         A


    South                   Tides                    Clippers                8:30                         B


    1st                         Barons                  Angels                  9:45                         D


    North                   Eagles                   Sparrows              10:30                       C


    2nd                        Indians                 Yankees               10:30                       B


    4th                         Jaguars                 Wildcats               10:30                       A


    COVID Latest Update and Impact to the League (updated May 21, 2021)

    MSHYB Families,

    In compliance with the Millburn Rec department and the New Jersey Department of Health, the following rules will apply to all MSHYB events: 

    • Masks are optional for fully-vaccinated adults and strongly recommended for partially or unvaccinated adults (parents, coaches, MSHYB volunteers)
    • Masks are mandatory for all players in the dugouts and optional in the field
    • Social distancing of 6 feet remains in effect anytime masks are not worn

    For further information see the below NJHDOH site:

    Thank you,



    See below document for MSHYB Participation Rules and Guidance

    Fall Travel Team Tryouts

    Upcoming Fall Tryouts


    Fall 10s and 11s:

    11U - Fri 6/11 @ 3:30pm-5:30pm (we will split this into 1-hour groups by last name later this week)


    10U -Fri 6/11 @  5:30pm-7:30pm (we will split this into 1-hour groups by last name later this week)

    Gero Field C


    8s, 9s, 12s, 13s, 14s - dates and times TBD. Stay tuned


    Registration Link for all Fall Tryouts


    Those who have already registered will be receiving another email prior to the tryouts to confirm attendance.


    Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at


    Batting Cage Reservations

    A reservation is required to use the cages. Please bring proof of your reservation with you to avoid any issues at the park. Please use the following link to to view availability, and be sure to review the rules for using the cages and instructions on requesting a reservation below.


    Click here to see availability. Request a reservation by emailing


    Rules while using the cages:

    • Reservation Required
    • Social distancing of 6 feet at all times
    • Only one pitcher and one hitter in each cage
    • No bystanders allowed in batting pavilion - if you are waiting to use cage, form a line outside cage and maintain social distancing (6') and you should wear a face covering when in line
    • Face masks required at all times when waiting for cage use - not required when using the cage
    • Cages are reserved for MSHYB, Millburn Softball players, and Township residents. A pitcher must be an adult


    Instructions for requesting and confirming a reservation:


    • Open Daily 8am-8pm (until our spring rec season begins after which available slots in evening and on weekends will be reserved)
    • 45 minute slots at top of every hour (Cage 1 - Pool side, Cage 2 - Rink side, Cage 3 - Rear)
    • One slot per day, 3 slots per week, per family / team (1 weekend and 2 weekday slots); requests for reservations taken up to a week in advance
    • There is no need to arrive early in the batting cage area - we built in 15 minute transition windows between reservations (see above guidance in forming a line if you do arrive early)
    • View calendar pointed to by the link above for available slots which will be labeled as OPEN (not RESERVED)
    • E-mail your selected time slot and LAST NAME only (no Cage #) to
    • Spots will be allotted by time stamp of e-mail and assigned to either Cage 1 - Pool side, Cage 2 - Rink side or Cage 3 - Rear
    • Once your spot has been recorded, the window in the availability calendar will show RESERVED with your last name assigned to one of the cages.  
    • Those who do not show up for a reserved slot, without sufficient prior notice (at least 4 hours in advance), may lose privileges at the leagues discretion
    • Please note -- your reservation confirmation will be to click on link to the calendar, click in the reserved timeslot(s), and then on details to verify your name in the description field. There will be no email confirmations sent.

    Note: rules subject to change as usage patterns emerge.